Consignment Policy

Overview of our consignment policy


The Whats  & Whys of consigning at Designer Finds.  

Consignment is accepted by appointment only;  appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday during the hours of 10 am and 5 pm. We start accepting merchandise for the Spring / Summer season in mid January and for the Fall / Winter season in mid July.  Out of town consignors may, at their expense, ship items to us if prior arrangements have been made ( contacting us before shipping).  Unacceptable items received will be donated to charity or returned at consignor's expense.

To schedule an appointment, call 615-279-1994.  Please allow 30 minutes for the preliminary review of your items.   Our goal is to make money for both you and us, therefore, we will examine all of your items with sales profitability in mind.  We will return any item to you that we feel will not sale in our store.

Criteria for accepting items


1)  In current season;  Spring / Summer ;  Fall / Winter .
2)  Current styling;  must be purchased within the past two years.
3)  Brands;  Mall brands and up;  Luxury labels,  see "brands we love".
4)  General condition;  direct from laundry or cleaners, on hangers, in ready to sell condition.  Children clothing accepted freshly laundered, pressed and folded.
5)  Items will NOT be accepted with the following conditions;   clothing that have stains, moth holes, pet hair, smoke or mothball odors,  lining of an item that has stains and / or shows wear.
6)  Handbags;  no inside odor and lining must be clean.
7)  Shoes;  polished and minimal wear.

Consignment Sales Periods


Consignment sales period is for 100 days.   Items will go through periodic standard markdowns at the sole discretion of Designer Finds.

How our consignment policy works


Items accepted and later found to have spots, holes, missing buttons, etc. will be automatically donated. 
Initial Pricing:  Designer Finds will set the price based on items original price, as well as, the desirability and condition of the merchandise. Designer Finds makes their best effort to merchandise, sell and care for all consignments. 

Payment: Consignor will receive 50% of the selling price. Checks will be mailed to the consignor at the end of the consignment period, or you may pick up a check monthly, or any balance  due may be used as an in-store credit when purchasing merchandise.   If check is mailed a per check charge of $1.00 for postage and handling is deducted from consignor’s payments. 

Picking up items - At  the end of your consignment period, you may pick-up the remaining items or they will be donated to charity after the tenth 10 day after the end of the consignment period as defined on the consignment contract. Consignor must call and schedule an appointment to pick-up remaining items since we pull remaining items after store hours just prior to pick-up date.

Making the most $$$$


If you want to make the most (money) from consigning with Designer Finds, here are a few helpful hints:

* Decide how much time you want to invest in preparing your items.

* Choose items YOU would want to buy again.

* Check each item in bright light for spots. damaged linings, worn hem lines, and zippers.

* Make sure each item is in excellent condition, THIS is how you will make the most money.

* Appropriately launder / dry clean you clothes. If you items say "dry clean only", this can be expensive, so you need to decide if it's worth the money.  This is labor intensive but will be a beneficial step in getting   the most out of your consigning experience.

* Make sure your items are ironed and on hangers. This will absolutely make a difference in how the are priced.

* Current is where the money is !  All items, with the exception of designer handbags and shoes, should be within the past two year seasons.

* Visit Designer Finds and see if our floor inventory is a good match for your items.

* Meet our staff and see if we are a good match for you.


We want your best. That is how we make money and how you will make the most for your clothing, too.

However, if this looks overwhelming or more effort than it's "worth", and you just want to clean and toss from your closet, please call us and we will recommend some worthy non-profit donation sites for your apparel.