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Brooks Brothers Timeline

  1818: Henry Sands Brooks opens H. & D.H. Brooks & Co. in New York City.  Courtesy Photo 1833: Henry Sands Brooks taps his sons to help with his business. Henry Jr., the eldest, takes the helm when his father dies later that year. 1849: H. & D.H. Brooks & Co. introduces ready-made clothing to help pioneers of the California Gold Rush who were unable to wait on a tailor. 1850: Younger brothers Daniel, John, Elisha and Edward assume leadership from Henry Jr., and change the firm’s name to Brooks Brothers. They also adopt The Golden Fleece symbol as the company’s trademark.   1863: Riots break out in New York City as a result of the Civil War draft and because Brooks Broth- ers was known for providing Union uniforms, rioters begin to gather around the store. The night after the attack, as the riots continue, Francis G. Lloyd, a 12-year-old boy, guards the store. Forty years later, Lloyd becomes the first person outside of the family to lead Brooks Brothers.  Courtesy Photo   1865: Brooks Brothers outfits Abraham Lincoln, a loyal customer, with a coat to wear to his second inauguration. This is the same coat he is wearing when he is assassinated at Ford’s Theatre two weeks later.  Courtesy Photo 1865: Once the Civil

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